Saturday, 7 January 2012


I write this blog after finishing a 5 hour batch of 180s and $450 down, sigh. Holdem Manger tells me its about an 80 buy in downswing. While these sort of loses are a rare thing at stts, unfortunately they are not at mtts. I have a lot of admiration for grinders who play solely tournaments and can go months on end without profiting. Its still taking a little time to get in my head that its most likely variance and not playing horrificly by me, something that will change over time hopefully.

For me the hardest part of adpating to 180s is not having to learn about new spots at the table, its dedicating time to play them. This is a major drawback of mtts, you need to have a good 5/6 hours spare to play a batch otherwise you can't volume grind. This past week I've been putting in good volume and hours into the 180s and don't feel fatigued at all which is a great sign. Its also putting me on track to earn 17k VPP this month for the promotion and get me off to a good start for supernova.

The coaching I've received and videos I've watched has deinitely helped me to excel in the 180s, still a long way to go but I feel like my game is going in the right direction. Its not all bad news with mtts, I've mentioned just two drawbacks and thats pretty much all there is. The great things about mtt is; they are far the most profitable game out there right now. Plus that feeling you get when you bink a tourney or ship some 180s in one session is, well, fucking awesome.

Anyone been listening to Kayne West/Jay-Z's new album, sick album, been on repeat through the grinding sessions :)