Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Been a while since a last posted a blog update. Been lazy on the blogging front, but not on the playing poker. I did have a lot of things to say in this blog, but I'm forgetting them as I'm writing.

Firstly I'll start off with new years resolutions (only a month and a half late :D). Quite a few people have asked me to say what mine are, well personally I don't have any nor do I really want any. The fact that it has to be a specific day of the year for people to set a years long resolution is lazy and doomed to fail from the start. This is just my view so please don't get offended. I guess I would say I have one goal that starts from January 1st which is to achieve Supernova for the calender year. A 2007 study by Richard Wisemen from the University of Bristol involving 3,000 people showed that 88% of those who set New Year resolutions fail,

On the poker side of things I'm really pleased on the volume I'm putting in and the results that I'm getting. Taken quite a nasty swing in the hyper turbo heads up games, but the 180s have been going great. I'm receiving coaching from Glitlr for the 180s and I gotta say, what a great coach. His style is unorthodox, but its works really well for me, definitely would recommend. 147_star has reviewed some HH for my HU and pointed out some useful things, hopefully that will help push my HU results in a better direction.

The prop bet is now weeks away. We have now got enough bettors and also an escrow as well as a judge, so shouldn't be any reason why it doesn't happen. Definitely looking forward to it and I'm using my one time to win it :)  Planing to trial 2/3days of prop bet volume/hours later this week to see how I cope, hopefully I shouldn't need too much caffeine to get me through the long days.

Monday, 16 January 2012


Erm yeah so 2012 didn't go as I planned, not in a bad way though, its gone great so far! Last week had my best ever day at poker making about $1.1k in a single day, but just 6 days later I beat it again making $1.4k. Most of this profit has been coming from the 180s, whilst I'm under no illusion that I'm on a nice little heater at them right now, in the back of my head I'm expecting the dreaded downswong at 180s which will likely be greater than any downswong I've had before. But for the time being I'm enjoying the run good I'm getting.

I've been working hard on learning the 180s, 'learning' is a vague word, for me 'learning' at poker always used to be put in as many hours as possible and you'll get better. While this works to an extent it has limitations, receiving coaching, reviewing hands and reading articles will help most people a whole lot more than just playing as much as you can.

Prop Bet

Myself and Sicklopedia have decided to do a month long prop bet for the micro stakes 180s http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/54/poker-beats-brags-variance/official-double-person-prop-bet-both-8-000-2-50-180s-one-month-4000-profit-1150500/

Basically the bet will be that both of us have to play 8000 games and achieve a minimum of $4k profit playing just $2.50 180 mans. For this bet to suceed we both have to achieve this. I don't doubt that this will be very tough, noth mentally and physically. Most likely I won't be leaving my room much while this bet is on.

I've never tried anything on this sort of scale before, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Saturday, 7 January 2012


I write this blog after finishing a 5 hour batch of 180s and $450 down, sigh. Holdem Manger tells me its about an 80 buy in downswing. While these sort of loses are a rare thing at stts, unfortunately they are not at mtts. I have a lot of admiration for grinders who play solely tournaments and can go months on end without profiting. Its still taking a little time to get in my head that its most likely variance and not playing horrificly by me, something that will change over time hopefully.

For me the hardest part of adpating to 180s is not having to learn about new spots at the table, its dedicating time to play them. This is a major drawback of mtts, you need to have a good 5/6 hours spare to play a batch otherwise you can't volume grind. This past week I've been putting in good volume and hours into the 180s and don't feel fatigued at all which is a great sign. Its also putting me on track to earn 17k VPP this month for the promotion and get me off to a good start for supernova.

The coaching I've received and videos I've watched has deinitely helped me to excel in the 180s, still a long way to go but I feel like my game is going in the right direction. Its not all bad news with mtts, I've mentioned just two drawbacks and thats pretty much all there is. The great things about mtt is; they are far the most profitable game out there right now. Plus that feeling you get when you bink a tourney or ship some 180s in one session is, well, fucking awesome.

Anyone been listening to Kayne West/Jay-Z's new album, sick album, been on repeat through the grinding sessions :) 

Saturday, 31 December 2011


Its been a while since my last blog. I kinda got lazy and gave up. I think the last time I blogged I was going crazy with the $16 9 man turbos. Had a huge break even stretch and began to lose my love for online poker. Luckily since then things have moved in a more positive direction. I discovered 180 mans! Right now they are definitely a crushable game and thanks to some awesome coaching from sngprotege they have helped evolve my game a lot. A big thanks to Puyan for recommending them to me.

I am a little dissappointed that I didn't achieve Supernova for the year (looks like Im gonna end up on about 85kVPP for the year), but I am determined to get it for 2012.

Hopefully 2012 will be a lot more positive for Poker, no more mouth-dropping moments like Black Friday please! But for now its back to the grind. Have a good New Year peeps.