Monday, 16 January 2012


Erm yeah so 2012 didn't go as I planned, not in a bad way though, its gone great so far! Last week had my best ever day at poker making about $1.1k in a single day, but just 6 days later I beat it again making $1.4k. Most of this profit has been coming from the 180s, whilst I'm under no illusion that I'm on a nice little heater at them right now, in the back of my head I'm expecting the dreaded downswong at 180s which will likely be greater than any downswong I've had before. But for the time being I'm enjoying the run good I'm getting.

I've been working hard on learning the 180s, 'learning' is a vague word, for me 'learning' at poker always used to be put in as many hours as possible and you'll get better. While this works to an extent it has limitations, receiving coaching, reviewing hands and reading articles will help most people a whole lot more than just playing as much as you can.

Prop Bet

Myself and Sicklopedia have decided to do a month long prop bet for the micro stakes 180s

Basically the bet will be that both of us have to play 8000 games and achieve a minimum of $4k profit playing just $2.50 180 mans. For this bet to suceed we both have to achieve this. I don't doubt that this will be very tough, noth mentally and physically. Most likely I won't be leaving my room much while this bet is on.

I've never tried anything on this sort of scale before, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

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